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  • 15 Dec, 16:08
    Scott Mohnkern
    Installing Nessus 4.2 on Ubuntu now available! more...
  • 1 Dec, 10:51
    Scott Mohnkern
    Introduction to Wiki Administration now available! more...
  • 9 Nov, 16:51
    Scott Mohnkern
    New look for the MLC! more...

Available Courses

  • Haven't ever taken a course here? read through this set of pages to find out what to expect.
  • This Course teaches you the basics of installing Nessus HomeFeed 4.2 on your Ubuntu 9.10 computer, and doing your first scan.
  • Wiki's are a relatively new web technology that allow many users to create a "encyclopedia" like set of web pages. They are slowly beginning to replace the old "FAQ" system, and can be an excellent way to organize and display significant amounts of information. In this class we'll talk about the process of Wiki management.
  • Thinking about setting up a web site for your business? Be sure to read this online course on the do's and don't of establishing your companies "web presence."

  • Want to know what blogging is all about? Maybe you want to start your own blog/podcast, or vlog. We'll give you all the ins and outs here.

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